Morocco is known for its roman ruins and other historic attractions. Along with its history, it is known for the stunning craft that the local artisans make, the shops providing amazing products, stunning sceneries around the country, adventurous places to visit, and stunning villages and towns to spend some time at. This is the place where you get to see the merger of two different worlds namely Arab and African and thus their influence on the culture of morocco. Along with all these things, there is another important thing that this country is known for and that is food. The mixtures of spices make these dishes flavorful and memorable. Thus it is important for you to have these dishes before you leave the country.

Try These Dishes Before You Leave Morocco

1: Couscous


Couscous is a popular dish in morocco. You can have it with vegetables or can have it with meat. This dish is prepared by cooking the couscous in a steamer until it is soft and then it is topped with different kinds of toppings. You can go for all vegetable options if you do not eat meat or can have any kind of meat topped over the couscous. This is usually served with buttermilk and dry fruits such as raisins and dates. This is a special dish that is there at almost all the festivals and events such as weddings, parties, etc.

2: Bastilla


This is a Moroccan pie that was traditionally made with pigeon meat but this is now made with meats such as chicken, beef, etc. This dish is made with thin dough which is layered to create a crusty and crunchy outer pie which is then filled with spices, meat, eggs, and some vegetables. This pie is then topped with a mixture of sugar, cinnamon, icing, and onions to add to the flavors of the dish. You can have an authentic pie with the young pigeon meat or go for the common and cheaper option of chicken or beef.

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This dish is one of the staples that is eaten by every Moroccan and you can find this dish in every restaurant in the country. Tagine is famous for its unique cooking method to its unique dish it is several. It s named after this utensil in which it is served which consists of two parts, one a circular plate where the stew is served and a conical top which helps in retaining the steam to enhance the flavor of the stew. You can have this dish at any stall, cafe, or restaurant. The stew is flavorful and filling as it has meat, veggies, species, and so much more.

4: Zaalouk


You have to have this popular dish when you are in morocco. This dish is made with eggplants and tomatoes being the key ingredient along with different kinds of spices and flavors. Zaalouk has a smoky flavor to it because of the spices and the way it is cooked. You can have it with salad or can have it on a flatbread and top it with a dip or sauce to create a quick snack or a full meal.

5: Stuffed msemen

Stuffed msemen

If you are looking for a dish to have when you are in a rush or when you are exploring the area and want to have a snack in your hand then this is the dish for you. This is a stuffed dough that is then cooked and rolled and is ready to eat. It contains different kinds of fillings from peppers and tomatoes to chicken. This is a delicious quick snack that you can have from the Moroccan vendors and enjoy while exploring the places.


These are some of the many dishes that you can try when you are in morocco and get to enjoy the quality and flavors of Moroccan cuisine. You cannot complete your trip without having these dishes. There are so many dishes that you must try when you are here in the country. You can even buy some spices and dry fruits and take them back with you to your home. Have a great time in morocco. If you are planning on visiting morocco then you should add these dishes to your list of things to try along with other things such as hiking and sightseeing. It is a must to try the flavorful food of morocco.

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