Located in the Western zone of Indonesia, Lombok Island has always been one of the popular travel destinations in the Asian territory. The divine beauty of emerald green nature and exotic lucid blue water beaches will surely leave your speechless. Bali might be the most popular and tourist hot spot but we have saved the best for you, Lombok Island is an excellent tropical paradise where you can enjoy your time in the serene beauty of exotic nature. If you are to know more about this gorgeous island then keep your eyes on this travel blog.

We are sure that after reading this crispy travel article you can easily an exciting trip to Lombok. Well, it is true that for the people who have a lust for traveling for them Lombok can be one of the most enchanting tropical destinations where they would like to travel again and again. Therefore, if you want to enjoy exciting Asian tropical vacay time then you can say yes to Lombok Island.


Explore The Beautiful Tiu Kelep Waterfall

In the lush rainforest areas of Lombok, you can explore the most popular tourist spot of nature which is Tiu Kelep and Gile Waterfall. This location is the most serene and excellent spot for the people who wants to enjoy adventurous activities like trekking. You can go for trekking and discover the untouched rainforest areas, forest trees and lavish flora fauna of Lombok. This is one of the most stunning and remarkable spots on the Lombok island where you can feel the divine of Mother Nature.


The Breathtaking Beauty Of Mount Ranjani

The second-largest volcano of Indonesia is located in the gorgeous region of Mount Ranjani. The most extremely beautiful Crater Lake, the rough peak mountains and stunning greenery will give a feel of heavenly paradise. You can enjoy an amazing trekking trip to the Mount Ranjani and epic breathtaking beauty of sunrise from the summit of Mount Ranjani. The lush green environment and the clear beauty of Crater Lake will leave you speechless. Therefore, take a chance and explore the incredible natural beauty of Mount Ranjani and grab unforgettable memories. Lombok is indeed filled with the absolute green treasury of nature so do explore it.


The Crescent Cut Beauty Of Selong Belanak Beach

In the southern zone of Belanak beach, you can relax on the beautiful white sand beach of Selong Belanak. In the picturesque beauty of this beach, you can enjoy sunny weather and lucid waves of the seawater of the Selong Belanak beach. You can enjoy surfing, swimming and play volleyball on this stunning beach in Lombok. Apart from this, you can also explore the Sekotong islands and the beauty of Ashtari Kuta on Lombok Island. Therefore, add this beautiful white sand pristine beach on your travel list and make sure to explore it too.


Snorkeling At The Pink Beach

Pink beach is the name of Tangsi beach, which popular or for its pink sand. The pink sand formed because of the erosion of red corals on this beach. The best thing about this pink beach is you can enjoy snorkeling activities and relax on the warm surface of this beach. Well, snorkeling activity offers you the advantage of exploring majestic underwater beauty coral reefs and stunning tropical groups of fishes too. Therefore, don’t leave a chance to watch the breathtaking splendid beauty of the gorgeous pink beach. Also, you can explore Lake Segara Aanak, Natural Hot springs, and magical fields of Bukit Pegasingan. Thus, you can explore much more attractive natural spots of Lombok, so don’t miss an extreme tropical holiday time in Lombok.

Therefore, these were the most ideal attraction spot on the Lombok. Thus, get your flight tickets and travel to the breathtaking tropical island of Lombok.

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