There is this thing about art and culture that grabs us by the heart and fails to let go. If you are an art lover, you will understand how important it is to the soul. The mind is a deep penetrating ocean of thoughts and art is a gateway to those thoughts. What we feel, what we think is all a part of what we express to the world. Such personalized pieces of artwork and architecture have been a part of our lives since forever. There have been some really great artists who have displayed their art in the most amazing way to the world and we still love them. So if you get a chance to witness the art, culture, and architecture from different eras and periods, how would you feel? Speechless, we guess? Well then, here we have the list of some of the most incredible and iconic museums around the world that are worth your visit.

Look for them as a part of your next travel destination and we promise, you won’t regret this one.

Museum of Modern Art, NY

Everyone knows about this one and has probably been to this iconic museum of modern art in the gorgeous city of New York. This one is popularly known as MoMA around the world. Famed for its incredible art structures and designs, this one has a very renowned collection of performance art, abstract art, and architecture. You will be amazed to see the exteriors of this incredible museum as it is an all-glass structure. The interiors are to die for! With such gothic architecture and flagship work from some influential artists like Van Gogh, Picasso, Pollock, and Warhol, you will find everything in this one-stop. A collection of as many as 22000 films are hosted here with special screenings.

The British Museum, London

With such extremely white interiors, this will shine right into your eyes and travel down till your heart. This iconic British Museum in London is one of the most historic and loved museums of all time. It has a collection of natural history as well as modern architectures for the perfect package. If you visit this museum, you will be welcomed by a lot of different sections and all of them displaying art and history from different periods and genres. Take a tour of this museum with your friends and family for a great experience. You will surely learn a lot about different cultures tethering in different parts of the world.

The Louvre, Paris

If you love intricate art and deep history, you must visit this incredible museum. It has historic chapters and some really detailed art and architecture right on the sleeve. With a gorgeous structure outside, it is equally beautiful inside. The entrance is made with contemporary feels in the structure of a glass pyramid. Then a 12th-century underground passage with medieval art along with ornate staircase takes the lead. Ths museum will give you the feel of walking back into history as you ascend forwards. Such a contrast and irony, isn’t it? From the 16th century kings to 18th-century french revolution, you can explore each and every room of this iconic building.


The State Hermitage Museum, Russia

This is probably one of those massive museums that have millions of artwork displayed in the interiors. The State Hermitage Museum in Russia has such a huge collection of incredible art and architecture that you will be stunned by the beauty. With as many as 2 million pieces of art displayed in 5 separate palaces, it will take a lot of days to completely witness every corner of this one. With this one, you are sure to get a really ancient yet contemporary feel because it has an amazing view from outside and subtle vibe inside. Spot amazing artwork from the 6th to 4th century and learn about all the historic chapters that haven’t been spoken about.

The National Archeological Museum, Greece

Just as beautiful as Greece, this National Archeological Museum is one of the most loved museums to study Greek art on Earth. You will find the best of Greek art here and the remnants of their bygone age as well. All about Greek gods, greek art and history culture is displayed in the best possible way in this museum. Renowned for its beauty and collection, this museum is a delight to the eyes as well as your soul. Greece is a very popular holiday destination so you might as well visit this ancient museum while you are in this gorgeous land.

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