Belgium is one of the most beautiful countries that you can explore in Europe. This spectacular country is filled with the most majestic and breathtaking landscapes, churches, historic landmarks, towns, and beautiful cities. Today on this travel blog we are here with the top beautiful cities that you can explore in the wonderful destination of Belgium. In Belgium, you can admire the most beautiful marvels of modern architecture, modern lifestyle, and city life without any hassle. Today through this travel blog we are here to present the top cities that you can explore in Belgium to have an unforgettable holiday time.

In the admirable surroundings of Belgium, you can enjoy a splendid time with your friends and family. It is true that this country welcomes tourists with open arms and let them give freedom to admire the spectacular marvelous surroundings of this historic European country. If you want to take a chance to explore the modern beauty of Belgium then this travel blog will deliver you all the details. So, without wasting you can take a look at the details that are shared below.



Antwerp is the most popular and iconic city that you can explore in Belgium. This is the best spot for people who have a love for craftsmanship, artist, and trade. This old town is popular for its historical architecture Town hall, museums, and other local spots. In this beautiful city, you can visit the museum of fine arts, the museum of Mayor Van Den Bergh and the Museum Aan De Stroom. This city is one of the popular attractions for families where they can taste the most excellent chocolates of Belgium. You can also see the most popular Antwerp zoo children admire the spectacular wildlife surroundings of this area.



Brussels is one of the famous cities of Belgium popular for its political lifestyle, food, and the divine beauty of the architecture. You can visit The Grand Palace, Manneken Pis, Coudenberg Palace archaeological site, Museum of Ancient Art, Museum of Modern Art, and Margaret museum and Bellevue museum to enjoy a great time in the gorgeous city of Brussels. This is a famous city where you can taste the most relish food in the local restaurants and cafes to have a great time in the spectacular destination of Brussels, Belgium.



Bruges is one of the oldest towns of Belgium popular for its beautiful square, historical churches, markets, and cobblestoned streets. This is one of the romantic destinations for the couples where they can admire the historical architectures of buildings, landmarks, and plenty of other spots. This medieval city offers you to admire the beauty of Gothic architecture. In Bruges, you can visit the market square, Provinciaal Hof, Liberty of Bruges, Brug square and town hall. Similarly, this city is also home to the Basilica of the Holy Blood which is very popular in entire Europe. Exploring the city can be one of the best things that you can do in your lifetime to admire the most fascinating historical beauty of the romantic destination of Bruges.



If you want to admire the lovely historic beauty of Europe, then Ghent city is the perfect Belgian city that you can explore to enjoy a fabulous romantic holiday time. This destination is popular for its Graseli Canal, Korenlei canal, old market area, House of masons, Korenmarkt and town hall are the popular spots that you can explore in Ghent to have a great time. Similarly, in Ghent, you can admire the Gothic architecture of Saint Michael’s Church. Also, you can visit the museum of Voor Volkskunde and the Museum of Ghent to admire the beauty of this city. Similarly, you can also visit Liège, Leuven, Mons, and Namur to have an unforgettable holiday time in the beautiful country of Belgium.

Therefore, these were the most popular and gorgeous cities that you can explore in the spectacular European country of Belgium. Thus, we hope that this travel blog has delivered you all the best details regarding Belgium cities tourism and if you want further details then you can surely visit our website.

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