Serbia is gaining a lot of popularity among tourists and travelers because of its immense beauty, cities, and beautiful, diverse cultures. This is a country that has many small cities with beautiful architecture and stunning tourist attractions to visit. There are castles and old monuments, hills and mountains, all these help make this country one of the popular tourist destinations for a nice European vacation. There are museums, churches, cafes, and coffee houses to keep the cities lively along with the vibrant nightlife. You can visit some cities where you can see stunning streets along with historic areas that can provide you with amazing architecture to explore and history to learn about. The city of Belgrade, also the capital of the country is one of the places you must visit on your trip. Look at the list of all the places you should visit.
1: Belgrade

The capital city of Serbia has its own share of disputes and destruction. This city has been a part of more than a hundred wars and was burned over 44 times. This city is now such a pretty one now with a lot of tourist attractions that you can visit and get to know more about the palace. You can get here and enjoy various festivals and events such as book fairs, music events, film festivals and so much more. You can visit the historical sites such as the fortress, museums, and churches and can also go to the famous Nikola Tesla museum to see the personal belonging and documents of the famous inventor and get a sneak peek at his life.
2: Subotica

If you are a lover of art nouveau buildings then you can visit this beautiful city of Subotica. This is one of the largest cities in the country and has the majority of art nouveau buildings. There are so many places and buildings that you can explore and see in the city some even being made centuries ago. It is said that the city was there in the middle ages as well thus having so many old buildings. You can shop at the flea market, Buvljak.
3: Zlatibor

This is the city which is located in the mountains, making it one of the most popular tourist spots. This city provides you with adventure along with scenic views from the cities and the old villages. You can get here to enjoy skiing in winter at Tornik which is one of the most beautiful mountains in the city and can go hiking in summer. There are sacral small historic villages that have meadows and scenic landscapes that provide you with museums, churches, houses, etc. try the famous flavors here of plum brandy and prsuta.
4: Kopaonik National Park

Kapoanick is one of the higher mountains in the country and has transformed into a national park some decades ago. This has an alluring scenic view with a beautiful ski resort where you can spend your days at. This is a great place to enjoy skiing and also a great place to enjoy hiking when the summer arrives. This park is filled with stunning flora and amazing fauna. You get to look at various hot springs, geysers, and even rock formations here in the national park.
5: Nis

Nis is a stop between two beautiful cities namely Belgrade and Skopje. This city dates back to bc making it one of the oldest on the continent. This is the city where the famous Constantine the great was born and thus you can see his memorial here. You can also see architecture such as buildings and fortresses made by the Turks in the city. There are many historical sites as well as relaxing and fun-filled areas in the city.

You can plan a proper trip for yourself where you get to travel a lot, get to see historical sites, fortress, palaces, museums, churches, cafes, and national parks, having an adventurous time hiking and exploring the place together in this stunning and lively country. Serbia is one of the growing travel destinations and the one that can become your next vacation spot. With having a blend of cultures due to its history with the ottomans, tomans, and other people this is a truly interesting and exciting place to spend some time at. You can see a good mic of easter and western culture. Enjoy your time in the country.

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