Every destination has certain rules and regulations that must be abided to if you want to have a fruitful stay. There are so many ways in which you can get into trouble for not following the rules or you can also make this trip a disgrace id you do not know much about the country. Ireland, being a hub of historical and cultural places, has a lot of layers within. The rules and aesthetics of this country are something else and so, you must pay attention to them in order to have the most memorable stay of your life. Pat attention to these practical tips before traveling and enjoy a smooth journey as well as stay.

Currency difference

You should know that Ireland as a country, is split into two different countries that use different currencies in their boundary. If you are there and are planning to go across the border, then you might need another currency. This is because Northern Ireland is a part of the United Kingdon and thus, it uses Pound and not Euros. So, your Irish currency might not work there. But this is not applicable for atm cards and other pin terminals if you have an international card. But if you need cash in hand, you might have to get your currency exchanged beforehand. This will be a piece of news for all those who are traveling to Ireland the first time. So, take care of such details by making your research prior to traveling.

Check baggage restrictions on Irish airlines

The Irish budget airline is known for providing cheap fares for flying within Europe and is definitely one of the best flights there. This flight called Ryanair is, therefore, a budget airline. But if that is the good part, there are certain restrictions on these flights like baggage restrictions and cabin restrictions. you need to be careful while boarding this flight as they do not allow more than one cabin bag and that too should weigh up to 10 kilos. Apart from this, you can carry only one bag in your hand. This restriction goes the same for other Irish airlines and so, you must take care of such restrictions to avoid embarrassment and disappointment at the airport. They charge a huge amount of fees in case you do not follow these rules.

Rental cars are the best option

In Ireland, there is no shortage of public transport but the best way to explore the place all by yourself is to rent a car. Most of the major Irish sights can be seen by using public transport or tour buses and this is a convenient option. But if you are a wanderer and want to explore the most untamed places in Ireland, then renting a car is worth considering. This way you can get to know unknown and infamous places to explore the local culture of Ireland and make some lifetime memories. Beat off the track and go for a long drive all by yourself. But before driving around a new destination, you should know the traffic rules and regulations as well. For instance, people in Ireland drive on the left-hand side of the road and pass on the right, unline the US.

Be ready for sudden downpours 

The lush green fields of Ireland are a direct result of the near-daily rain that is expected by the Irish people. you might not expect it to happen but it will. It’s very rare that rain does not pour on your head so you are sure to experience short periods of misting drizzle. Simply Pack a trench coat, a windbreaker, and a waterproof top to save yourself from getting sick and drenched in this weather. An umbrella will also be a great choice to look touristy and fancy.

Get a Heritage Card

For the most amazing sightseeing in Ireland, get yourself a Heritage card. This Heritage card is an exclusive option for all the people in Ireland as well as the tourists as it allows you to stroll around the place freely without any additional fees. With one time charge, you can easily explore the best of Ireland in the form of castles, national parks, and war memorial gardens. You can easily get this card from the Office of Public Works for a mere amount of €25. This one provides you free access to most of the Irish attractions and makes your visit a bliss there. Moreover, t provides free admission to all fee-paying state-managed heritage sites in Ireland for one year! So, if you are traveling frequently, you should definitely pick this one.

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