Scroll Down the Beauty & Peace in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a land of islands as it has many small islands named Mona, Culebra etc. and the main Eponymous which is quite larger than the others. With the total population of approximate 3.6 million people, this is a United States’ Territory at the northeast of the Caribbean Sea. The land is full of various natural landscapes, forests and beaches for attracting the tourists here. Many tourists from all around the world come to Puerto Rico for spending their vacations and to enjoy the natural blessings here. Spanish and English are the most spoken languages here but Spanish is more frequent among the natives. There are many places to cherish nature’s beauty and few of them are reviewed for the readers to provide a guideline for travelling.

Let’s Scroll Down the Beauty & Peace in Puerto Rico

San Juan: San Juan is the capital of Puerto Rico and also the largest city. It is situated at the Atlantic coast of the island. There are many places and things to enjoy In San Juan. The Old San Juan is the best place to discover the history of the culture of the natives here. It still depicts the past time and the changes came within the time. It also provides the sight of wonderful beaches, seaside forts and landscapes. It is surely a beautiful destination to travel but the security arrangments are not much applauded, therefore, try to be in groups while travelling here.
San Juan

Vieques: It is a Caribbean island in Puerto Rico. Vieques is mostly known as a ground to test the bombing range of the United States Navy but it was left by them in 2003. It is also famous for boat tours and for the different colour of the water in the sea. Due to microorganisms, the sea water glows with blue and green colour. The Fuerte de Vieques is a Spanish fort which is converted into the museum. You can also find wild horses here in the countryside which is preserved in the wildlife century.

Culebra: Giving shine of a diamond, the sandy beaches of Culebra look magnificent and its green water, in contrast, create a full scenic wallpaper posted in a bedroom. One can have diving and snorkelling experience at Culebra beaches. This place is completely detached from most of the worldly affairs like golf grounds, much-paid casinos, food varieties and the usual rush and crowd of the city. Basically, it is a calm peaceful place without any stress of daily haphazard. You would not find any big hotels here for the stay because it is a place for the nature lover and the simple person who just want to be lonely and spend quality time with himself or with someone.

El Yunque National Forest: It is national forest reserved by the government as a huge treasure of trees, rainforest, waterfalls and mountains. It is very beautiful and really unique in appearance. Tourists can enjoy hiking, camping can be done from the staying purposes and fresh waterfalls would definitely encourage to take bath under these. La Mina falls, seven seas beach, La Coca waterfall and El Yunque landscapes are the most popular and fascinated places for the tourists to visit.
El Yunque National Forest

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