Having a fulfilling dinner is always loved but what if you ate more thoughtfully? Yes, there are always such food options that make your health better. Take skin health for that matter, you have to have all kinds of foods to keep it glowing with alternated intakes of vitamin-rich foods to help it stay supple and radiant.
Wondering what to include in the Thanksgiving menu that helps your skin too? Here we are discussing some famous foods that are a great fit for Halloween and your skincare too. Keep reading!
1. Roast Turkey or Grilled

You may want to go for roasted whole turkey which is the usual sight during Thanksgiving dinner. The most loved of all the dishes, this one catches the eye like one diamond. The other alternative tells to have every cut of the turkey grilled separately with some seasonings and a dash of oil. As we all know, bird is rich in proteins and vitamins. The meat is also blessed with zinc and niacin which will help keep build the skin better and reduce scarring.
2. Pumpkin Pie

The vegetable part of any dish is important because the vegetable has been adjusted to suit the taste of the devourers while also keeping them healthy enough. You may like to go for pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving which is a great choice because pumpkins are rich in potassium, the mineral that is going to help build more new cells and hence helps in the natural process of skin turnover. You can have the pie ready with cinnamon, sugar, syrups, eggs, butter, condensed milk, and cream.
3. Pineapple Smoothie

A freshly squeezed fruit juice is a refreshing treat for anyone who has traveled long miles to meet and sit with the family to celebrate Thanksgiving. Let us all be thankful to god for creating such delicious food that we get from mother nature. The fruitilicious side drinks will help rejuvenate the table especially if you invest in some cocktail and mocktail decoration. The ooze of colors flowing from the colorful drinks will make the table look more appetizing.
4. Grilled Sweet Potatoes

You will need to grill the sweet potatoes as they are, that is, with the skin on, until it is cooked to absolute softness. Now slit open the potatoes slightly and have them buttered, garnished with green onions, chilies, cheese, and seasonings, and then let the cheese melt some in the grill again. This will come out as beautifully incarnated and melts in the mouth right away. Sweet potatoes will make sure that your skin remains healthy with a dynamic supply of vitamins.
5. Baked Greens and Peppers

Baked vegetables in a bowl are always a go-to when you are anticipating a heavy meal. Have asparagus, green and red bell peppers, french beans, broccoli, sweet potatoes, and some herbs grilled together to achieve aromatic crispiness off the vegetables. Season them well and have them as a side dish whenever you crave something filling and unapologetic after or during a crazy meal. You have to get yourself some buttery dipping sauce to go with it. Great antioxidant boost!

Now that we have a rough idea of how to go about preparing the right platter for our Thanksgiving, we can start building a menu that fits everybody who gathers around the dining table. If you take clues from the above-given points, you will be well-ready to serve the most fragrant, healthy, and delicious items to savor without fail. The dishes can be well prepared at home and they will also very likely help you make your dinner look appear sophisticated and dreamy.
Catch up with your friends quickly and work together to create your very own healthy Thanksgiving menu.

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