Apart from one being one of the smallest countries in the world, Luxembourg is a place that is both underrated and unrecognized in terms of its popularity. And if you ask us, this country deserves all the hype that it can get. Repleting with history, culture, art, and stunning natural landscapes, this country lay heavy on the rural side. It follows an appealing combination of both modern and traditional lifestyles which gives the tourists a very unique and interesting traveling experience. From housing some of the most quirky and scenic attractions to offering delicious delicacies, the country is home to much more than you know. And if you have been planning to visit Luxembourg anytime soon, then make sure to scroll below to find out the top tourist places that you can visit, when in the country.

Visit the old town of Luxembourg

Wandering around the old town of Luxembourg can be a great way to kick start your trip to the country. Besides being listed as a UNESCO world heritage site, this old city is replete with some of the most scenic locations that are so delightful and amusing to see. You can also explore the town for its scenic bridges and alleyways that take the beauty of this city to another level. If you pay attention to all the intricate detailing the town has to offer, then you will definitely find this place to be filled with some of the gorgeous attractions. From beautiful buildings to amazing street art, the city has many surprising elements to it.

Explore Notre Dame Cathedral


Visiting Notre Dame Cathedral is one of the must things to do when in the country. It was built in the 17th century by Jesuits and to date, it stands tall and proud displaying its grandeur and captivating features. Right from a baroque style gate that is covered with pretty stained glass to miniature modern sculptures of Madonna and Jesus child that sits right over the altar, the cathedral has many gorgeous and interesting elements to it which makes this place worth checking out. The cathedral also houses a crypt that contains the grave of the royal family safeguarded by two lion statues.

Learn the history of the country by visiting the museums

Don’t go by the size of the country, the nation houses many engaging museums scattered throughout the city. While you can visit any of the museums in the country but the museum of modern art is one of the most popular and truly the best one to visit to admire the European history. The museum is located inside the four walls of the former fort. The exhibition displays ginormous art lined through the entire museum, some art pieces also get you acquainted with the history of the country.
The national museum of history and art is another great museum to visit which displays an eclectic collection of modern art, paintings, archaeological exhibits, and many more things.

Bock casements

These bock casements are a very important part of the country and they are of great historical significance. In earlier times, the country used to be known for its complex fortification system however, it was destroyed during the 19th century. And during that time, these underground tunnels stretching at a distance of 17 km became a safe shelter for thousands of locals as well as soldiers and kept them safe during the times of world war. You can easily access these underground bock casements that are situated right beneath the fortress. These casements feature many interesting elements such as impressive rock stairways, different levels, and many twists and turns.

Grand-Ducal Palace

The architecture of this building is worth checking out. It used to be an official residence of the grand duke and the royal family of Luxembourg. The design of this building follows many different styles including, a soft mix between romantic and medieval-gothic style as well as industrial design which makes the architecture of the palace looks very grand and impressive. This is truly one of the spectacular pieces of architecture you can explore in the country.

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