If you want to get an essence of Argentina, then this city Buenos Aires is the perfect one for you. It is basically the second largest city in South America. Also, the city, Buenos Aires is the political, cultural, and economical capital of Argentina. Moreover, it is also a gateway to the rest of the country of Argentina. This city is definitely full of 19th-century buildings and Monuments and that makes it even more beautiful. Likewise, many people who are visiting this city for the first time are pretty shocked and surprised to see what this city actually has to offer.

Also, first-time visitors will definitely find this city even more beautiful and mesmerizing due to its looks and the old traditions. You will never get tired of exploring Buenos Aires and you will find it more beautiful once you start getting knowledge about every place you are visiting and every food you are trying. The most fun and stupendous places to visit are basically San Telmo and La Boca because of their artistic flair which makes them even more attractive. Thus, these are some of the most stunning places in Buenos Aires you cannot miss.


Plaza de Mayo

The city’s Belle Époque is the most beautiful place to visit if you are visiting it for the first time. With the stunning old colonial buildings, Plaza de Mayo is a great place to get a tour. Moreover, this place was basically established in the 16th century and has the beautiful two-block-long plaza that was being used as the stage for many important events of the city. Along with Florida and Lavalle Streets, most of the area is now being entirely pedestrianized and that is the reason that nowadays it is pretty easy to roam around the areas nearby. Also, the most important landmark of this place is basically Casa Rosada.


President’s Pink House – Casa Rosada

There are definitely many buildings in Plaza De Mayo but the most important building is Casa Rosada that was built in the mid of 1800s. Also, it is a well-known fact about Casa Rosada that it was occupied by an old customs house in the 16th century. The common translation of the word Casa Rosada literally translates to the Pink House. Moreover, nowadays, this place is quite commonly known as the Casa de Gobierno and this translates into the words the government house, and it is also an official house of the President of Argentina. Hence, it is known to be one of the most important places to visit in this city of Buenos Aires.


Recoleta Cemetery and Museums

The name that comes from the Franciscan convent, Recoleta was built in the year around 1716. Also, this place is basically known for its most beautiful and astonishing burial ground. Recoleta Cemetery or commonly known as the Cementerio de la Recoleta is a popular place in Buenos Aires among the localities and the visitors as well. Also, the most beautiful place of attraction here in this place is basically mausoleums that are basically the final resting places for Who’s Who of famous Argentines. And these people include Eva Perón. This place is also very much important to the Argentinians as this place is used to honor their departed family members and they also continue to honor them with their birthdays and death days.


La Boca and the Caminito Street Museum

Buenos Aires’ most colorful place, La Boca is undoubtedly many people’s favorite as it offers a lot of creativity. The people here took their creative and artistic site to the streets and that makes the place even more beautiful. You will find the amazing sculptures of the tango dancers and other characters on the streets and balconies of the houses. The most beautiful place here to explore is basically the Caminito Street Museum, which is a colorful pedestrian zone, and is an open-air museum and an art market as well, that too since 1959. You will find many colorful and photogenic buildings which will make your inner child really very happy.

Thus, these were the most beautiful places to get a tour of the 2nd largest city in the country that is Buenos Aires. Also, these places are definitely a must-visit while you are visiting the country of Argentina. The places will definitely call to themselves once you enter the city of Buenos Aires. Thus, you must visit the most stunning places in Buenos Aires you cannot miss.

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