Striking a perfect balance between old tradition and new technology, Japan is a fascinating destination that is ubiquitously popular for multiple reasons. Japan is not just any regular travel destination, the country has its own sets of rules, traditions, customs, culture, and heritage that are easily reflected in their lifestyle choices, including food, taste in fashion, language, etc. Home to endless numbers of incredible attractions, visitors are spoilt for choice when it comes to exploring the best of everything the nation has to offer.

While it isn’t that difficult to get around the country, it can be slightly tricky for tourists, especially the ones who are visiting Japan for the very first time. Considering the culture and language tend to very distinct, your first trip to this country can feel a bit intimidating unless you have gotten yourself familiar with all the basic and essential things you should know about Japan.

In order to ensure a lovely and unforgettable time in Japan, it’s essential to know a few things about the country before actually visiting it. And to make things easier for you, we have jotted down a list of a couple of things every traveler should know before visiting Japan.


Always keep some cash with you

No matter how many credit or debit cards you have with you, if you don’t have some cash in your pocket, then you might be in trouble. While Japan is a highly advanced country and has made some of the best use of technology, when it comes to making payments, most restaurants and shops only accept cash. There are many places that accept cards, but most of the time you will be asked to make payment in cash. Therefore, always keep some cash with you. If you have run out of your cash, you can use the ATM to withdraw some cash.


Buying a rail pass is worth your money

If you intend to travel to several cities in Japan throughout your stay, then buying JR Pass would be a wise thing to do. You can either buy a pass that will be valid for a specific region only or the one that will be valid nation-wide. These JR passes are valid for a certain period of time only; you can get a pass based on the number of days you are planning to stay in the country. The pass will give you access to JR-branded commuter trains, bullet trains, ferries, and buses.


There aren’t many trash cans

Japan is considered one of the cleanest countries in the world, and that’s because the residents of Japan, including the authorities, take cleanliness very seriously, and there are certain rules and regulations for the same. Surprisingly, Japan doesn’t have many trash cans, and the ones that are lined along the streets and roads are placed quite far from each other. Therefore, you should bring a plastic bag with you, especially when you are planning to eat some street food. You can carry the trash in a plastic bag and dispose it of when you find a trash can.


It’s a great idea to learn a few Japanese phrases

The language barrier is one of the biggest problems that most tourists experience in Japan. While there will be some sections of people who will be able to communicate in English, it’s better to learn a few Japanese phrases and get yourself familiar with some basic words in Japanese like thank you, please, excuse me, etc. Japanese can be slightly judgmental when it comes to etiquette, and since saying thank you, please or excuse me are basic etiquette, it’s just better to learn how to communicate this to them in Japanese.

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