Some years back, solo trips were seen as a rarity, and people used to prefer traveling with a pair or a group. However, with time things changed gradually and people are now more open to solo trips. Some even wish to travel the whole world alone. There are even packaged available for solo travelers. People travel alone to get some alone time and enjoy new places the way they want. When traveling with someone you need to make a plan and make certain compromises while executing those plans. Whereas solo travelers can make their plans and change them according to their mood.

If you are planning a solo trip or wish to do so, check the list below to see what to do when you travel solo. 


Research the places you wish to visit

The first and important point is to know where you want to go. Look for places you want to visit and see if they are suitable to be traveled alone. If this is your first solo trip then this trip will decide whether you are going to make another solo trip or not. Look for websites, travel books, or some travel bloggers to get some idea. Always make sure to know about the same factors related to the place you selected, such as safety, how much will the approximate cost of travel be, how the locals see the tourists, and many more. Try to make a list of cities you wish to travel to and research their hotels, tourist spots. Make sure to search the cities extensively as you will be on your own on this trip.


Plan your trip to the desired location

Now once you know where you are traveling to, it’s time to plan and pack for the trip. See if the place is having some events or festivals and if you wish to visit during that time. Know the weather and climate of the place and what are the essentials required while traveling to that place and then pack your bags accordingly. Make one bag only containing your documents and necessities like some medicines, emergency funds and detailed information about some emergency contacts and also the place where you are staying. Save your money before the trip for some additional funds that can be used if required. It’s best to book your accommodation beforehand and also somewhere is always packed with people. This will not help you interact with locals and travelers but will also provide you with safety. 


Let your family know about the trip itinerary

Even if you are planning a small weekend getaway, let your family or friends know about your whereabouts, where you are traveling, where your stay is, and other details. This is to ensure your safety and to know that someone back home knows your site and what you are doing or where you will be on that day or time. If possible, try to be active on social media and let people know about your whereabouts. It will provide you with safety and someone knows where to find you in case something goes wrong and also provides some ease to people back home.


Commute around the place like the locals

When traveling around the place commute around like a local to cut down the travel cost. Major cities now have a metro or some places have their means of transport. Enjoy the essence of that place while traveling. Eat at all sorts of eaters from high-end fancy dining to local small shops and street vendors. Try the local cuisine. Try to learn some basic words that you can use while your stay. 


Celebrate the solo trip

Enjoy the solitude you get to experience on the trip. Bring with yourself some books to read while on the bus or train. Go and experience things and explore places whenever you want to. Feel like having a walk around the place at an odd hour or feel like sleeping in and not going anywhere, do whatever you wish to as this is your trip and you are the one who is planning every bit of it. After all, it’s all your time and you can utilize it the way you wish to.

Treat yourself to a solo trip and enjoy the trip just how you want to. Have a great experience there and at the same time let people back home be at ease without worrying much. Every person has a different experience even at the same place. So, let’s not listen to others and experience traveling by yourself. Enjoy the trip, the people, the places, the cuisine. Have a great and safe solo trip!

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