Estonia is a beautiful Baltic country in northeastern Europe that is filled with serenity and breathtaking panorama. If you are planning a Europe trip and aren’t sure about where to start, this can be sui generis of a pick. The architecture here encompasses gothic, classic, and baroque elements. Estonia can be a great holiday destination for anyone searching for a dynamic and quality stay as it lures the tourists with its calm environs.

1. Narva River Promenade

Narva river is the largest in the country hence it holds a lot of historical and economic importance for the country. The promenade extends a long peaceful walk by the river while filling with a cool and collected perspective. The glittering blue waters under the sun hold a lot of zeal for any tourist who wants to familiarize themselves with the beauty of the locality. Readers, this is what gets an Estonian going. Imagine yourself right after work, tired and demotivated, craving tranquility and good food. This will be the ultimate panacea, something that the locals get every day.

2. Kuressaare Castle

The castle is situated on Saaremaa Island in western Estonia. It is a well-maintained complex from the medieval era that is enclosed by water and verdure. A grandiose establishment that attracts many tourists, is an example of Gothic architecture. So, expect pointed arches, vaulted ceilings, a lot of stained-glass windows, and flying buttresses. Its magnificence is only realized upon entry. The cloister (connecting all the important rooms) inside the structure hits you unexpectedly. The triangular prism watchtower can be easily spotted from afar. The monument finds special interest for people interested in medieval history.

3. Aleksander Nevski Katedraali

The magnanimity of the cathedral presents a riveting experience to the tourists. The orthodox Christian cathedral in Tallinn was built in the typical Russian Revival style. The Russian influence is evident in the three onion domes. But the real stunner is the interior of the cathedral which intricately combines royalty and grandeur and puts forward a heavenly encounter for its visitors. Much work is done in golden and red bringing out a dense and impactful echo.

4. Eesti Vabaohumuuseum

Based in Tallinn is this old flame open-air museum that borrows its beauty from its lush surroundings. It is a late Estonian village reconstructed for the tourists yearning to go back in time and it houses many elements like a religious sanctum, mills, and tavern, among others. It has beautifully exhibited many components of village life. On days of special importance for the Christian community, it is filled with colors of festivities and warmth. If you are looking to indulge yourself and make yourself, feel at home, this gives you the substantial break that you’re craving.

5. St. Olaf’s Church

It’s a pretty old edifice, from pre-medieval times and served as a commune for the Scandinavians based in Estonia. It is inspired by Gothic architectural elements. Its peculiar Veridian top stands out in bird’s eye view and the core is gravely dented with religious stillness. It encapsulates the vaulted roofs screaming faintly the songs for the god. St. Olaf’s presence signifies the many transformations that Christendom went through in the modern period and if this incites you as a tourist, you can’t afford to miss this place.

Estonia is a quiet destination not much loud or extravagant, although the tribe does find the tribe everywhere. This place has an amazing working environment, free internet, and quality food supplies, hence improving its happiness index constantly. Besides, the ambiance is much more relaxed as it is cut off from the much high-spirited west. Your stay here is going to be promising and something that you’d look up to again!

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