There are many places which we never think about to travel ever just because of our previous and wrong notions as well. Most of the people love to travel the hill stations, places have beaches or greenery but it is just beyond the imagination that even a desert can be so beautiful and the place rich in oil and shinning rocks can worth to travel. Qatar is one of these kinds of places. It is so beautiful occupied by tremendous tourist attractions to hold them for a long vacation. There are few places which really need a visit to Qatar are described as.

Katara Culture Village: Acquiring an innovative architectural heritage this multi-purpose building occupies many extraordinary theatres, galleries and live performance stages for the concerts, shows and exhibitions. Ajyal Youth Film Festival of Doha Film Institute is the most popular occasion among all the celebrations which take place in the month of November here. This culture village also showcases the programme of inside and open air film screenings all over the year. Other recreational sources for the visitors include luxury hotels and restaurants offering a variety of cuisines, well maintained public beach with water sports, seaside food stalls and local markets etc.



Al Jazeera media cafe: Al Jazeera media cafe is the finest and the unique café of its kind in the whole Middle East to give a private Al Jazeera media experience. In the studio of the cafe, you will be the main focus and attraction and purposed with the chance to be a news broadcaster. Your moments in front of the cameras will be recorded and handed over to you to take home and cherish for life. The dining area at the café is full of creativity to impress its guests. The cafe was designed to transport you to the heart of the media world all while you’re enjoying your favourite dish at your table. This is surely an unique experience on its own to make the tourists feel special.


The Pearl: Qatar is a safe heaven for the plentifully of prosperous people which are staying in sky-scraping and have an extraordinary excess of luxury yachts. The Pearl is much bigger in area of it. Qatar has determined goals to multiple the number of residential buildings by three times than the present on this domestic land. Many things here are found to be costly from an ordinary market street to the luxury showrooms which would of course need to maximise the limit of your credit card. Pearl is also the place to see the rich and famous life live in the fast lane. Just grab a coffeeby sitting at roadside cafes around to admire the shiny sites and people.

Qatar Desert and ATV or scramble bike: ATV or scambled bikes are the perfect vehicles to ride on the amazing deserts in Qatar. With vehicles for hire, you don’t need any driver to curate a nauseating morning for you , You can do it by yourself and can earn just a first-hand experience. While it is an exciting and convenient prospect for an entire day with the whole selection of desert sports activities but it is not much recommended just because of the high temperature and heat. The heat in the deserts always remain inexorable even in spring. Until you are not already conditioned to the frugal temperatures, your actions will make your experience less exhausting.


Happy Travelling!!!

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