Explore the Weird British Foods That You Might Like

The list of weird foods is long and almost never-ending because of those rare inventions that keep us cringing and often awake at night. The list of appalling dishes is often found congruent with the weird ones but what seems off-putting to us might not be that big of a deal for us. British foods stand nowhere in competition with their Asian and Mediterranean counterparts in terms of flavor and variety. The struggle to find a mouth-watering delicacy in British waters is well realized. So let us have a look at some of the weird food of Britain that you might like, eventually.

British Foods That You Might Like

1. Black Pudding

Black Pudding

The famous black pudding is not your dark chocolate-enriched sweet pudding that is meant for festivals, it is the blood pudding that scares off most people. The black pudding gets its deep color from the processing of the blood it contains beef and pork. See for yourself because it can give you chills upon tasting. It is a local delicacy enjoyed in every British household with love and is a staple during festivals.

2. Stargazing Pie

Stargazing Pie

This risky pie is not starry at all. Now that you have been warned, we would like to inform you that the pie contains potato and fish. These two don’t fit very well in this unpleasant-looking pie. The puff pastry on the top is shaped like a star and from each point, there is one fresh sardine peeking out, looking like it is gazing at the stars above. It makes no sense and makes no room for flavor. If you are intrigued and willing to give it a try, we’d say you should reconsider.

3. Kippers


Kippers are herring fish that is eaten extensively in Britain, not to forget that Britain is after all an island, it can very much depend on seafood. Fresh fish is gutted and split and smoked until they are hard and charred and taken as a breakfast option along with brown bread and some tart pickle. The absurd combination loses the interest of the people quickly. It feels like you are comprising on everything plus the texture is not very pleasing to the tongue.

4. Haggis


Made right within the real stomach, the crumbly sausage has the sheep’s heart, liver, and lungs. The meat is crumbled and intensely mixed with onions and spices to enhance its natural flavors. The boost of flavors can sometimes be overwhelmed by the idea of using the ‘other’ organs of the sheep and the way the prepared meat is cased. In addition to that, the look of the haggis is not a very appealing one.

5. White Pudding

White Pudding

Well, we can not understand the obsession of Brits with the pudding. Plus, it is very misleading to us. Anyways, this ‘pudding’ is not a sweet thing you are going to crave in the future. It is made out of pork meat and fats and hence the namesake white color is seen. It is mixed with breadcrumbs and oatmeal/barley and then put into a natural sausage casing. If you ask about flavors, we are sorry because all the flavors left the chat when breadcrumbs entered.


Sounds like adventure and a nightmare at the same time!
People are mostly not big fans of these food items outside of the UK. They are viewed are lacking flavor and relying a bit too much on the natural flavors of the meat. The foods are much processed here without remarkable change in their flavor quotient which keeps us questioning, why should there be weirder foods when the main cuisine gives us enough goosebumps? So these were some of the food items in Britain that make us often question, who used up all those spices? Savor at your own risk!

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