This French Polynesian island is the most inhabitant island out of the sixty-seven inhabitant islands. This island has been overlooked by beach lovers because of the Bora Bora islands. However, now this place that offers a long stretch of shoreline with exquisite French cuisine is making its name as a famous getaway and honeymoon harbor. Lush forests beside the seashores, the famous French crepes, Tahitian specialties such as the Poisson cru, which roughly translates to raw fish, and the beautiful Polynesian cities are some of the starters that this natural beauty offers to its visitors. If you wish to get a natural getaway to this beautiful place then check out the list below to know what to do when in Tahiti.


Spend a day at La Plage de Maui

Some beaches are famous for pink sand while some are famous for dark hues, this island is known for its pearl-white sand. This is situated some miles away from Papeete and people tend to not explore this beautiful beach just because it’s a little bit far from the city but the view here can easily make up for the drive. The water here is extremely clear or can say crystal clear and the lagoons are so serene. Have fresh seafood while enjoying the seascape.


Visiting the museum of Tahiti

This museum educates the visitor about Tahiti and her islands. This museum informs them about this alluring archipelago. You can get to know about the geography of this island as well as the history also its culture before and after the colonization. Visit this place and get to know about the history of this place and enjoy the museum and then can also enjoy different surfers surfing on the ocean waves.


Get yourself a snorkeling tour

Let’s go and explore Moorea’s lagoon in the most authentic way. Go on a six-hour-long snorkeling tour. Go give yourself this magical experience and make memories that last forever. This tour takes the most beautiful boat present in Moorea and tours around the big beautiful mountains. Make a visit to some black-tip sharks and affable stingrays in shallow waters. Go snorkeling on this tour and get to see fishes and beautiful coral reefs. Have a mouth-watering barbecue while enjoying the waters and the famous delicacy Poisson cru.


Make a visit to Faarumai Waterfalls

Let’s enjoy this beautiful cascade on this stunning island. You can get to see this waterfall after a scant hike through the lush forests. There are around three stunning waterfalls you can enjoy here. Have some peaceful time enjoying the stunning water cascading down. Just take some mosquito repellents as there might be some destructive mosquitos enjoying the waterfall as well. this is not too far away from the city and can be easily reached too.


Visiting James Norman home

If you love literation and history then do visit this place. If you love the works of James Norman Hall then this is the right place for you. Ex WW1 army pilot and a famous writer James Norman’s family opened this museum that now contains his belongings. This small museum is made to make the fans of this writer understand how he used to like and how he spent his life on this island. A bright garden adds to the beauty of this museum.


Spending a day on black sand beach

Taharuu beach, known for its volcanic sands is a beach located on the southern coast of Tahiti. This beach has large, lush palm trees and the water here is deep blue with foamy white waves. Altogether this beach has its own unique charm and charisma. It looks exceptionally beautiful when the sun cascades its rays down on blue waters and the black sand. This location is famous for its swimming conditions and people come here to learn or polish their surfing abilities. Get to this beach free of cost and enjoy the local snacks with beautiful scenery ahead.

Visit this island and get once-in-a-lifetime experiences and memories. Eat the local delicacies, go on a cruise and enjoy other islands surrounding this one. This island harvest fresh seafood and seafood lovers can have a blast here on this island enjoying each and every meal. They even have some fresh fruits that taste extremely amazing. So don’t wait much and visit this peaceful and pretty island with such a variety of places to visit.

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