You can never really go wrong with a combination of nature and sandy beaches; it will always remain a fail-safe choice and one of the best matches ever found. And if that’s a kind of place you have been meaning to explore for a long time but haven’t found any, then your search ends here. Known as “the Hawaii of South Korea”, Jeju Island is a popular tourist destination in South Korea that continues to attract thousands and millions of visitors annually. Boasting lush green terrains and several volcanoes scattered throughout the island, this place looks no less than dreamy and whimsical.

Serving as a paradise for all the beach lovers and nature lovers out there, a trip to Jeju Island is worth all your effort and money. You certainly won’t be disappointed, nor will you regret anything. But if you need more convincing, then you definitely need to take a look at all the incredible reasons to plan your trip to Jeju Island as early as possible.


Gorgeous beaches

Beaches are one of the best highlights of Jeju Island. With so many beaches dotted throughout the island, you have different options to choose from. When it comes to beaches in Korea, you will find the most gorgeous ones on Jeju Island only. If you intend to spend your vacation relaxing on the beaches, then Jeju Island is an ideal destination for you, granting it is home to plenty of stunning beaches. Hyeopjae Beach and Woljeongri Beach are two of the fantastic options to consider when it comes to exploring beaches on the island. Every beach on the island offers a distinct atmosphere with so many things to see and do.


Unique culture

One of the many things that set Jeju Island apart from other destinations is its unique culture. Even after all these years, Jeju is attached to its roots and maintains the culture it takes pride in. The stone-carved grandfather statues that have been a part of the island since 1774 have now become the face of the island. Additionally, female divers, also known as haenyeo, in Jeju are known for their independent spirit and iron will. They go out to harvest seaweed and other sea life from the ocean.


Plenty of volcanoes

Another thing that makes Jeju Island an interesting place to visit is its hundreds of volcanoes. The island is home to more than 350 volcanoes, but none of them are active today. There are several volcano remnants throughout the island. While it may be a bit hard to believe, the majority of rocks and stones on the islands are made of lava. Other than that, a lot of craters are within the hiking range, you can easily hike to the top of these craters to take in the stunning view of the surroundings.


Endless outdoor activities

Seeking some outdoor adventure? Jeju Island will never disappoint you when it comes to outdoor activities. If hiking or trekking is your thing and you love to be surrounded by nature, then you will find plenty of fabulous opportunities in Jeju. Be it mountains, valleys, natural landscapes, or volcanoes, these things collectively make Jeju Island an ideal hiking destination. Other than hiking the miles-long trails, you can also indulge in watersports such as scuba diving.


Laidback vibes

If you want to get away from hustle and bustle of the cities and spend some time in solitude away from the crowd, then Jeju Island certainly is an excellent option to consider. With roughly 600,000 residents living on the island, you won’t get that overwhelming feeling, which you usually get in metropolitan areas. With no tall skyscrapers covering the sky or disrupting the view and less traffic, you will get a very laidback feel on the island.

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